My E liquid is Cloudy

You may have received E liquid recently that was either Cloudy, Clumpy, Milky, Crystallized or maybe all of the above. Not to worry (this is normal) usually in the cold weather months even if it is being shipped to a warmer climate. Here is basically what is happening; not all flavors will do this and some flavors you may have bought 10 times already and was always perfectly clear. Ill try to make this short and to the point but there is some key reasons for this and it mostly has to do with weather and/or steeping. So lets start out by mentioning which  flavors will most likely do this: #1 Menthol Ice #2 Atomic Cinnamon and mostly any flavors with citrus in them. Most likely your Menthol's, Mints, and Cinnamon's. First, All our E liquids are made fresh at the time you order so there is no steeping time. Steeping allows the VG/PG and the flavor concentrates to mix well. For example, you may have ordered Blueberry, but the flavor profile for blueberry may have as many as 6 different flavor concentrates in it to make that blueberry flavor. Second, there is your VG & PG and then Nicotine if you are using it. This all has to mix well for these flavors to gel and really pop. (Please watch our video on steeping) and always shake your bottle well before using. If you are ordering 120ml bottles, that's a lot of juice to mix so it can take time to steep. So right here we are mostly talking about mixing and getting the flavors right. 

Now we will address the E juice being cloudy, clumpy, or even crystallizing. Here in New Jersey the temperatures have been around freezing for the past few months. Seems like every week there is another snow storm. Anyway, Your e liquid may separate during shipping even to a warmer climate. This is due to the cold weather. Once it separates, you may see clumping or even have the juice crystallize and also a change in clarity; this is the VG/PG and the flavoring separating. The clumps would be the VG/PG and the sometimes tinted oil sitting on the top is the concentrate or flavoring. To fix this you can simply run it under hot water and shake it vigorously. Do not use boiling water just hot to very hot! This will thin it out slightly and then shaking it will help it to mix together again. You can vape it as is if you don't want to go through this but this is what we recommend.
The taste will be fine and it doesn't hurt anything, but to get the most consistent flavor you will want to do this.
Again steeping is recommended to get the flavors to really pop. Steeping is basically like aging a fine wine. The longer it sits the more the flavors will come out. Now most of us don't have the patience to let it sit for a couple of weeks so we do a quick steep using hot water again. (See our steeping video) The longer it steeps the darker your Vape juice will look especially when using nicotine. This is a way of telling how long you have been aging the juice but its not steeping that makes it dark as much as it is the nicotine oxidizing. This is a good indicator to let you know when its optimum for vaping. Now not to make this anymore confusing but just to let you know some flavors don't need as much time and some don't really need any. All the E liquid is ready to vape when you get it but if you like a richer bolder flavor you probably want to steep it. As far as which flavors you would want to steep and for how long, that is totally up to you. Taste is subjective and you may like strong or you may like it mild. For example, Menthol Ice is a very strong flavor to begin with but a flavor like Watermelon is mild in comparison. Menthol Ice tends to crystallize at higher VG so we recommend a 50/50 blend instead of the more widely used 70/30. I hope this answered some of your questions and concerns but remember you can always email more specific questions if you have any and we will get back to you as fast as we can.

Thank you for your business and best regards from all of us at Liquid Coast